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Product Description

The StressEraser is designed to relieve stress through breathing techniques and help you relax again. Stress can cause sleepless nights, tension headaches, and long-term effects. Having been called “Nothing short of magical”, the StressEraser is a unique product that is sure to help you conquer stress and feel young again.

A biological process called ergotropic tuning changes the way the nerves in your body respond to stress. It causes your nerves to respond faster and more strongly to stress, making you feel stressed more easily, more quickly, and more intensely.

The StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device works with a biological system in the body called the parasympathetic system to reverse the effects of ergotropic tuning.

Clinicians have found that breathing can regulate the activity of the parasympathetic system. The StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device measures the effects of breathing on the parasympathetic system and guides you on how to use this information to reduce ergotropic tuning, and in doing so reduce stress. Simply place your finger on the pulse sensor of the StressEraser and then synchronize your breathing to the screen’s Breathwave. In minutes your mind feels calm and your body feels relaxed.

Simply using the StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device 15 minutes a night before you go to bed can result in hours of relief and say “good-bye” to stress and sleepless nights when you buy the StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device from Safety Guardian.

• Reduces stress by activating a part of the nervous system that quiets the body
• Helps you to relax before bed, ensuring a good night’s sleep
• Rapidly relieves intense stress and helps you to stay calm during stressful situations
• Noticeable results within two weeks when StressEraser is used 15 minutes each night
• Timer to set a time limit for each session
• Backlit screen for use in the dark

• StressEraser Dimensions: 2.56″ x 3.82″ x .73″
• StressEraser Weight: 4 oz
• Shipping Box Dimensions: 8″ x 5″ x 4″
• Shipping Box Weight: 2 lbs
• Warranty: StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device has a 1 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects, including parts.



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