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Product Description

Cut ultra-light 17g effectively the light blue light on the PC screen.

There are many benefits for using the blue light cut glass;-

  1. It reduces eye fatigue caused by the blue light emitted  by the modern electronic devices
  2. It ease headaches due to our eye strain
  3. Lighten dark circles
  4. Reduces insomnia and sleepless night due to the blue light exposure discouraging the growth of melatonin within our body


Description of item

■     Size: W149 × H43 × D161mm

■     Lens Material: Polycarbonate

■     Frame Colour: Light smoke

■     Weight: 34g

■     Blue Light cut rate: 40.1% (※)

■     UVカット率:99.9% UV cut rate: 99.9%
(※英国基準 BC2724:1987に基づく数値) (: Figures based on 1987 ※ UK standard BC2724)

■     JIS standard product

Description of item

■     サイズ:W149×H43×D161mm

■     レンズ材質:ポリカーボネート

■     フレームカラー:ライトスモーク

■     重量:34gLens Material: Polycarbonate

■     ブルーライトカット率:40.1%

■     UVカット率:99.9%
(※英国基準 BC2724:1987に基づく数値) (: Figures based on 1987 ※ UK standard BC2724)

■     JIS規格品



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